[User Tips] Safely Back Up Your Work With Google Drive Manager

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Losing your work is incredibly frustrating. 

Luckily, with our Neo Notes app, you can easily protect your notes and sketches
by backing up your work.


Google Drive Manager allows you to import
and export data and use Neo smartpen N2 with two or more devices.


Here’s an overview of how Google Drive
Manager works:


Want more detailed instructions?


No problem! Just follow along: 




First, select “Settings” from the menu.
Then tap “Google Drive Manager.”


Turn on the “Use Google Drive” button. In
the pop-up window, enter your Gmail address or create a new account.

your Google account is registered, “Google Drive Manager” will appear in the
main menu.


This is what Google Drive Manager looks
like in Neo Notes.


In the top half of the screen, you can see
notebooks stored in Google Drive. In the bottom half, you can see notebooks
stored on your mobile device in “Notebooks” and “NoteBox.”


Now, let’s upload a notebook stored in “Notebooks
to Google Drive.


Select one and tap “Upload” on the green
menu bar at the bottom of the screen.


If your notebook has many pages to upload, use WiFi
to save on data usage


In order to upload an N plain notebook in
“NoteBox” to Google Drive, repeat the process above.




Now that your notebooks are in Google
Drive, you can download them onto another device, like a tablet, in order to
continue writing.



Just like you did on your smartphone, select
“Settings” from the menu. Then tap “Google Drive Manager.” Turn on the “Use
Google Drive” button. 

In the pop-up window, enter your Gmail address or create
a new account.


You can see two notebooks have been
uploaded to Google Drive.


Now, let’s download those notebooks to the tablet.


Select a notebook, choose where to store it
and tap “Download.”


When it has successfully downloaded, you
will see a green check mark on the top right corner of the notebook.




You can also change the name of your
notebook in Google Drive Manager.


Simply select a notebook to rename and tap


As you can see, I changed the name of the N
idea pad mini from “Used notebook” to “My notebook.”




Next, let’s download “My notebook” to
“Notebooks” storage.


Select the notebook, choose where to
download and tap the “Download” button.



You can see the downloaded notebook in the
appropriate storage location.




Now, let’s continue writing in “My


If you connect your N2 to Neo Notes and
keep writing on your N idea pad mini, your notes will appear in the digital
version of the notebook.




As “My notebook” has three pages of new
notes, you can re-upload this notebook to Google Drive. There are two ways of doing




Make a new copy



Simply select the notebook, and tap


The copied version of ‘My notebook’ appears
in Google Drive with the name “My notebook_01.”






First, select the notebook to be
overwritten in Google Drive. Next, select the notebook with the new pages added
in the “Notebooks” storage on your mobile device. Then, click “Overwrite to
Google Drive.” A pop-up window will ask if you want to delete the notebook from
Google Drive and overwrite with the notebook in the app. Click “Overwrite.”



Make sure to follow those instructions in
order (show in photo above), since overwriting in the wrong direction will cause
you to lose your new note pages.



You can see that “My notebook” in Google
Drive now has 58 pages after successful overwriting.




We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy note-taking! 


If you have any further question about Google Drive Manager, feel free to ask here


Written by Ashley Ahn