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Artist - Parpunk


Graphic Artist / Viewzic Founder&CEO
/ Parpunk Studio Creative Director

Introducing N2 Users

Discover in what way N2 is benefitting the daily lives of our users, whether he/she is a student, artist, or a professional. Find out how N2 will make a change in your everyday life with advanced writing experience.


 Yoon Yeo-Rim






Lee Im-Bok




N2 is becoming my favorite art tool.

Calligraphy Artist / Handwriters CEO

I've preferred using a brush,
but it is difficult to stick to it in this digital world

I recently began to use N2 and it became one of my favorite writing instruments. I can choose the pen thickness and color on Neo Notes. Before, I had to scan my work or take pictures, but N2 is able to capture every stroke of my calligraphy and transfer it to my smartphone. I can’t believe how

easy it is to export my work in vector files and directly edit them with design tools. I usually upload my work to social media and instantly communicate with my fans. There are so many possibilities for calligraphy with N2, and I’m happy with the transition.


Add color to your work.
Express yourself


Export your drawings in vector or image files
and edit in your favorite design software


Instantly share your artwork on
social media.

My personal secretary,N2

Law School Professor/General Counsel for NGOs

N2 is like a small but powerful computer

it enables me to take notes in any situation whether it be a phone call, a conference, or a meeting with board members. Also, there's just no fuss. It turns on automatically, so you don't have to fumble with it and embarrass yourself in front of important people.

You can recall even fleeting ideas from a meeting by matching your memos to the discussion in progress at that time. You'll be surprised at how much N2 remembers.



Voice-record important
meetings as you take notes



Transcribe your handwriting to text
and immediately paste to emails



Search through
your notes right on your phone

"N2 is like a brain on your hand"

Instructor / Second Brain Lab CEO

"Second Brain" is the term I created, to discuss the efficiency of using a second digital brain to free up our real brain

We are living in a world of excessive information and this second brain is a trustworthy and reliable system where you can dump away all your superfluous thoughts so that you can focus on imminent tasks.

N2 is phenomenal in this area.I use N2 when I record valuable thoughts and moments – business ideas, meeting notes, lecture drafts and on. I have never had a moment’s loss in my trust in N2.



Diagram your ideas



Use N2 in lectures
for real-time interaction in class



Organize your schedule with N2

"Must-have item for engineering students, N2"

Students / Seoul National University Student

Leonardo came to Korea as an exchange student to study electrical and information engineering.

After a disappointing first semester, Leonardo realized his problems stemmed from an inefficient note-taking system. The frequent use of electricity diagrams and math equations in lectures required Leo to take notes with pen and paper, but there was a limit to organizing and studying with paper. “If you think about it, we study everything on our computer.” he says.

“Everything except our lecture notes.” So it made sense to use N2 to connect his lecture notes to the rest of his study materials. Leo now shares his lecture notes straight from his phone to his study group to ask questions and collaborate on group projects. He even has a Facebook page where he uploads his lecture notes for fellow students to view and discuss.



Take lecture notes just like you
would with any pen and paper



Share your notes
and study better together



Review your notes on the road


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