Neo smartpen N2 and Moleskine Pen+

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You may have heard about Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set and Pen+. Those who are aware of both Neo smartpen N2 and Moleskine’s Pen+ would be curious to know the difference between these two products.


Well, we are here to satisfy your curiosity. Hope this clears away your confusion. 🙂



1. Getting started                                   



Neo smartpen users need to have these three items ready. 1)Neo smartpen N2 2)N notebook 3)Neo Notes app


Moleskine’s Pen+ users need a Smart Writing Set – 1)Pen+ 2)Paper Tablet 3)Moleskine Notes app for iOS, Neo Notes app for Android – to begin.



2. Neo smartpen N2 users          


Neo smartpen N2 users need to download Neo Notes app from Google Play or the App Store. 

*Moleskine Notes app is not compatible with Neo smartpen N2.

(Click here to download Neo Notes)

You can use any N notebooks(Ncode-printed papers) of your choice!




3. Moleskine Pen+ users 


Moleskine Pen+ users need to download Moleskine Notes(or Moleskine M+) app from Google Play or the App Store.

(For iOS, click here to download Moleskine Notes; For Android, click here to download Neo Notes)




Pen+ works on Moleskine’s Paper Tablet and N Moleskine Notebook.





Want to know more about Neo smartpen? Click here to find out more and click here to shop.

Visit Moleskine website to find out more on Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set.


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