[Neo smartpen][User tips] Disassembling Neo smartpen N2

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Hello, this is Ashley Ahn of Neo smartpen.

Have you ever wondered how N2 works?

To help you better understand the technology, we’ve created an anatomical chart of Neo smartpen N2 below.

Can you guess the name of each component?

(You will find the answers if you scroll down.)

1. Main PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

2. Sub PCB

3. FPCB (Flexible PCB)

4. Pen tip (D1 Standard type)

5. Battery (300mAh)

6. Camera (120fps)

7. Bracket that the holds pen tip

8. Pressure sensor (256 levels)

9. Power button

10. IR (Infrared Rays) window

If you have any additional questions about component parts of Neo smartpen N2, please email support@neolab.net.

Written by Ashley Ahn


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