Neo smartpen N2 Review: The Slanted

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Sean Thomas of The Slanted recently tested out the Neo smartpen N2 and shared his experience on the site. In his review, he started off by saying that the N2 “seems to have carved a rather unique niche for itself” within the burgeoning market of handwriting-capture devices. We could not agree more!


He then cited many of N2‘s benefits, based on his first-hand experience, including:


“Having something like Neo smartpen N2 can save you a lot of time and effort,” particularly in situations when phones, laptops and tablets are not allowed.


“It’s very comfortable to hold when writing notes and the device is just as easy to hold while sketching ideas or doodling away.”


“Using the Neo smartpen could not be easier.”


“You can print smartpen paper at home”


“The Neo smartpen N2 offers you the options of writing or drawing in eight different colors and there are three different variations of thickness to choose from.”


Read the complete review.


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