How To Be More Productive At Work and Life

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Did you know that PLANNING habit is one of the best ways to increase your productivity?

It can be hard to get into but once you get the hang of it, it will make your life more organized and more productive.


Start building up your planning skills with Neo smartpen & N blank planner. Grab yourself a N blank planner today and be prepared for the New Year.


Write down your weekly plans on N blank planner, and review or revise your schedule on your smartphone. No need to carry a paper planner around all of the time as Neo smartpen captures anything you write or draw on N blank planner and digitizes all your handwritten notes to Neo smartpen’s companion app, Neo Notes.


You can even share your schedule with your family and friends!  Let’s find out how. 😉

– N blank planner 


N blank planner is 150 x 210 mm sized wire-bounded 152 pages diary.


Shop N blank planner from or Neo smartpen online store.


N blank planner works in conjunction with Neo smartpen to convert handwriting into digital form.

Write on paper and edit on smartphone. Use Neo Notes’ in-app editing feature to make your handwritten notes more colorful by coloring in or highlighting within the app.


Tick a mail icon on the upper right corner of the page to share your notes with other people. You can email a single page in PDF file format by putting a tick or poking the mail icon with Neo smartpen. You can also auto-sync your notes to Evernote, Google Drive, or Adobe CC and share your notes via various messengers and social media channels.

Click HERE to learn how to Auto-sync your notes to cloud platforms.

N blank planner has weekly, monthly and yearly planner pages that you can enter the date freely and there are plenty of squared pages for notes!

PLUS, this time every year, some of you would have to make a decision whether to keep or throw out this year’s diary.

Throwing away the old diaries – personally – is a heartbreaking, but meanwhile, you have to wipe your tears and throw them away because it is tiring enough to keep all the old diaries in good condition forever.


So starting this year, manage your schedule with Neo smartpen and keep your diaries in digital form as long as you want.


The New Year is approaching fast. Hurry!

Get yourself a N blank planner and plan your days with Neo smartpen.

Shop N blank planner from or Neo smartpen online store.


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