Privacy Policy

Neo Lab Convergence Ltd. (Neo Lab or Company) considers the customer’s personal data of utmost importance, and is in compliance with the regulations and guidelines of “the Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information Communications Network”, "the Personal Information Protection Act” and related regulations. ‘Neo Lab’ is governed by the relevant laws, and this personal information policy notifies the user in which manners information is used as well as the methods it takes to protect the personal data of customers. Additionally, this policy is posted on the website for the convenience of the customers.
Please note that this policy may change in accordance with internal policies or revisions in “the Personal Information Protection Act”.

1. The Purpose of Collecting and Using the Personal Information
Company may collect, store and use the personal information for the following purposes:

  • Personal identification and verification for services rendered by the Company
  • The execution of contracts and payments for services
  • Preserving records in accordance to relevant laws
  • Customer management
  • Securing a seamless communication route for complaints and bulletins
  • Event winner notification, event prize delivery, providing contents, purchase and payment, other affiliations, marketing, and advertisement
  • Etc.

2. Collection of Personal Information and Collection Method
‘Neo Lab’ asks for consent to collect personal information when registering to the website. You can agree to the terms and conditions of the personal information policy and User Agreement with the click of the ‘AGREE’ button. When the ‘AGREE’ button is clicked, it will be considered as agreement to personal information collection. The information collected is divided into two classifications – mandatory and voluntary.

A. Collected Information
When registering for membership:

  • Member
    Mandatory Information: Email, Product Purchase Consideration - Y/N
    Voluntary Information: Name, Phone number, Country/City

Payment and refund

  • Mandatory : Bank Name and Bank Account Number

The following information can be automatically generated and collected in the process of using e-services or business procedures:

  • IP address, cookies, visitation date, records of services used and inappropriate usage

B. Collection Method:
‘Neo Lab’ uses the below methods to collect personal information and only used for relevant objectives.
Homepage (membership registering), affiliated inquiry message boards, event entry, fax, phone, customer service centers

3. Period of Use and Retention of Personal Information
The company promptly destroys personal information upon achieving purpose of collection. However, in accordance to “the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce” and other relevant laws, personal information may be retained as an exception.

A..Records of contract and customer withdrawal: 5 years
B. Records of payment and product supply: 5 years
C. Records of consumer complaints and/or disputes: 3 years

4. Method and Process of Disposal of Personal Information
As with company regulations, when achieving purpose of use or when retention period expires, all personal information is immediately destroyed. However, if acknowledged personal information needs to be preserved even after achievement of purpose or retention period due to reasons of relevant laws in information protection, personal information will be moved to a separate database (DB) or be preserved in a different location. The information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for other purposes aside from the aforementioned uses or for lawful purposes.

Destruction procedures and methods are as followed:

  • Destruction procedure
    The company identifies information that needs to be destroyed, and with the approval of the company’s privacy officer, the information will be destroyed.
  • Destruction method
    Personal Information stored electronically will be destroyed using technical methods that are unable to be restored and personal information collected on paper will be shredded or incinerated.

5. Providing Personal Information to a Third-Party
Personal information is utilized only in accordance to Article 1 (The Purpose of Collecting and Using the Personal Information); information is never used without prior consent of the user and does not disclose a user’s personal information with a third party. However, exceptions are as followed.

  • With the prior consent of the user
  • The request of national institutions or the Court in accordance to the law
  • For statistics, academic research, and market research (provided that it does not identify specific individuals)

6. Methods of Exercising the Rights of the Users and Legal Representatives
As a general rule, personal information is never provided externally. However, exceptions are as followed:

Users are able to modify or check their personal information or request to unsubscribe at any time. To modify or check a user’s personal information, users should click on ‘Privacy Change’ or (Membership preferences), to unsubscribe (withdraw consent) users should click ‘deactivate account’; identification verification will be needed in this process. Or you can email/write or call the privacy officer for the particular measures to be taken.

If requested to edit personal information, the information will not be used or provided to a third party until corrected. If information has already been shared with a third party, immediate measures will be taken to rectify relevant information.

Information that has been deleted by user request or statutory representatives will be handled in accordance to Article 3 of this policy (Period of Use and Retention of Personal Information) and cannot be used or inquired for other purposes.

7. The Installation, Operation and Refusal of Automated Information Collection
Personal information is utilized only in accordance to Article 1 of this policy (The Purpose of Collecting and Using the Personal Information), information is never used without prior consent of the user and does not disclose a user’s personal information with a third party. However, exceptions are as followed.

To provide a specialized and personalized service to users, ‘Neo Lab’ saves user information and uses user’s cookies. Cookies are very small text files that are used to operate the website; they are saved onto a user’s computer hard disk and are sent to the user’s browser by the server.

Purpose of using cookies:

  • For the analysis of members and non-members visitation time and frequency
  • To identify and track user’s interests
  • For target marketing through the number of event entry and frequency of visits
  • For personalized services

Installation, operation and rejection of cookies:

  • Internet Explorer: open the web browser > tools > privacy > internet options > settings > cookies – to adjust level of information collection by cookies.
  • It can be set to allow all cookies, confirm all cookies that are being stored, or to reject cookies. However, if adjusted to reject cookies to be saved, login services could be restricted.

8. Technical and Administrative Measures for Personal Privacy
To ensure the safety of loss, theft, leak, forgery or tampering of personal information, ‘Neo Lab’ takes the following technical and administrative measures:

A. Technical Protection countermeasures

  • Installation and operation of antivirus programs to prevent computer viruses
  • The use of encryption algorithms on the network to securely transfer personal information
  • The installation and operation of access control devices including intrusion prevention system access
  • Restricted use by password confirmation

B. Administrative protection countermeasures

  • Access authority to privacy settings and regular change of passwords
  • Periodic security training for employees handling personal information
  • With modification or retirement of personal information personnel, access authority replaced and cancelled
  • Personal data and general data to be stored and operated separately
  • Separate back-up system to prevent the forgery of personal information

9. Personal Information Consignment
Neo Lab does not violate relevant laws and consign personal information to third parties. If there is a need for consignment with a third party, the customer will be immediately notified about the contents of consignment and will seek prior consent when required.

10. Consulting or Reporting of Personal Information Agent
To protect information and privacy of users, complaints and inquiries related to the handling of personal information can be sent to the management officer shown below:

Personal Information Management Officer
Name: Cho, Sangwon
Affiliation: NeoLAB Convergence (KOREA)
Phone Number: 82 2 3462 2981
Users can report any complaint that occurs during the use of company services to a personal information management officer or relevant team. The company will promptly provide a sufficient response to the user.

11. Etcetera
This privacy policy does not apply to any other websites other than ‘Neo Lab’ official websites (all websites that ‘Neo Lab’ does not operate).

12. Supplementary provision
This personal information policy is effective from _____________.
Amendments can be added or subtracted in accordance with the change in laws or policies and security technologies.
Users will be notified through the company’s website 7 days before the changes are effective. However, significant changes regarding user’s rights such as the collection of personal information, use, and third party distribution will receive a 30-day prior notice.